2020 ARSC Award for Excellence in Best Historical Research on Record Labels and General Recording Topics
Best Discography

By: Michael Kinnear
16 + 219 Pages

Revised, Corrected and Expanded 2nd Edition, 2019

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The Gramophone Company's Persian Recordings - 1899 - 1934

The Gramophone Company's Persian Recordings 1899 - 1934








A discography of recordings taken in Persia by The Gramophone Company and its successor concerns, from 1899 to 1934.  With a history of the activities of various recording companies who operated in Persia and the sessions conducted at Teheran and London of Persian repertoire.

With a supplementary discography of Persian recordings taken by the Columbia Graphophone Co., Ltd., between 1928 and 1934.  Between 1935 and 1947, there were no recording sessions undertaken in Iran by Electric and Musical Industries, Limited, or its associate companies.  However, in 1947, the company arranged for some six hundred recordings to be taken under the auspices of Sherkat Sowt Iran, Limited, of Teheran.  Approximately two hundred recordings were produced equally for the ‘His Master’s Voice’ – ‘Columbia’ and ‘Odeon’ labels. The discographic documentation for the ‘His Master’s Voice and ‘Columbia’ labels have now been included in the Supplement section of this volume.

With appendices on numbering blocks and matrix serials.   With illustrations in the text.

Published Independently: Bajakhana, Second Edition, 2019
16+219 pages, Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-0-9577355-1-4


The Gramophone Company's Persian Recordings - 1899 - 1934




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The Gramophone Company's Persian Recordings, 1899 to 1934


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