ZONOPHONE RECORD – Ernie Bayly and Michael Kinnear


A discography of recordings produced by the International Zonophone Company and associated companies in Europe and the Americas, 1901 -1903

18 + 494 pages
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The Zon-o-phone Record - A Discography, 1901-1903The Zon-o-phone Record - A Discography, 1901-1903








This discography focuses on the output of the International Zonophone Company aand associated concerns in Europe and the Americas from 1901 and 1903, and includes numerical listing of known recordings issued before and after the company was absorbed by The Gramophone & Typewriter, Ltd., in 1903. 

This discography is the result of almost three decades of collating information and research on the label with the cooperation of EMI Archives, London and Frank Andrews, who is well-known to record researchers and collectors for his pioneering work in the field. Frank Andrews and Ernie Bayly have compiled another discography on the British releases under the title of ‘Zonophone Single-Faced Records’ published by the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society, Ltd., London. 1999.

The discography also includes a concise history of the International Zonophone Company’s formation and activities, and also information about recordings transferred or reissued under alternate pressings or other labels.  While the discography lists known recordings issued in both Europe, North and South America, there are gaps in the numbering sequence which have not been found.  Some of these numbers may not have been used, while others may be of obscure repertoires, which have yet to be verified, or issued under labels which do not appear to be relevant.

With a history of the company’s international activities, and a Supplement on reissues and transferred recordings. With Bibliography and indices. With illustrations in the text.

Published Independently: Michael S. Kinnear, Victoria,  Australia, 2001, 18 + 494 pages. ISBN: 9780957735521,  Paperback, Digital Download Book

Michael Kinnear and Ernie Bayly at Michael’s residence in Melbourne preparing ‘The Zonophone Record’ Book.



The Zonophone Record, A Discography, 1901 to 1903

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