THE 78 rpm RECORD LABELS OF INDIA by Michael Kinnear

20+500 Pages

Profusely Illustrated

Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition – FULL COLOUR

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The 78rpm Record Labels of India

The 78rpm Record Labels of India








An encyclopaedia of the 78 rpm record labels produced in India and elsewhere, covering all known record labels and histories of the producing concerns from 1899 through to the late 1960’s. With a Supplement on the numerical series of the major labels and an Appendix on the record labels of non-Indian and Asian repertoires made in or associated with India.  With examples of most record labels (in full colour or black and white if no colour examples available). Bibliographical references and Index.

Published Independently: Bajakhana – Michael Kinnear, Second Edition 2016, First Published 2003, 20+500 Pages, First Published 2003, ISBN-13: 9780957735576
Perfect Bound
ISBN:  978-0-9577355-7-6
PRICE: AUD $130.00, plus postage.



The 78rpm Record Labels of India



Book Price:  AUD $130.00
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The 78 rpm Record Labels of India - Michael Kinnear



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