Articles on the Sound Recording Industry in India

Bournemouth, England   [ISSN-0039-9191]

The Talking Machine Review, December 1985

 Ramagraph  – German manufactured Indian record label
* Number 69 –  December 1984     TMR-69

Favorite – Singer  – German manufactured Indian record label
*  Number 70 – December 1985        TMR-70

Columbia Double Disc – An unusual Indian Series – made in United States
*  Number 73 February 1988        TMR-73


The official journal of The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
London, England   [ISSN-0018-1846]

The Hillandale News, No. 176, October 1990

 ‘Broadcast’ in India – English manufactured Indian record label
*  Number 176  – October 1990       HDN-176


Rugby, England, [ISNN-9-770039-919]

International Talking Machine Review, Spring 1990

Odeon in India (History of the record label in India)
* Number 77 – Spring 1990

PDF Document:  Odeon In India, TMR Spring 1990 by Michael Kinnear


Musica G.D by Michael Kinnear, ARSC Journal, Spring 2021, Vol. 52 Issue 1Musica G.D.

This article details how the Musica G.D. trademark imprint on record labels associated with Deutsche Grammophon-Aktiengesellschaft, Hanover and Polyphon-Musikwerke, Actiengesellschaft, Berlin came about and traces the history and use of the Musica G.D label imprint. An overview is given of the history of Georges Dutreih, a business established in 1835 in Paris under the name of Georges Dutreih, and many years later his son also named Georges (born 1858) who became the successor of the business.  []


Jien-o-phone Record - JP. 501


Janki Nath Kumar reformed the business to market talking machines with the brand name of ‘Jien-o-phone’ and soon after became one of the primary dealers in Lahore of the products of The Gramophone Co., Ltd. With the introduction of the ‘private recorders scheme’ by The Gramophone Co., Ltd., in 1932, Janki Nath Kumar and Bros., became one of the major firms to join the scheme and market their own label in the name of the “Jien-o-phone Record”. […]

Afghanistan - Early Recording Sessions

Early recording sessions of the Afghanistan repertoire conducted by The Gramophone Company Ltd., at the Hayes studios of The Gramophone Co., Ltd, London and the Indian branch of The Gramophone Co., Ltd.’s recording sessions at Lahore.  Discography of Mr. Mirza Nazar Khan.  […]



Zohra Bai of Agrawale

Zohra Bai of Agra is often referred to as one of the greatest singers of India performing at the turn of the century. Very little is known of her life and most references about her musical prowess appear to be more anecdotal than fact. According to some reports she was born in Agra in 1868, and received her musical training from Ahmad Khan a vocalist and sarangi player also of Agra. […]


‘Perhaps the best selling ‘gramophone celebrity’ of the time, Miss Gauhar Jan of Calcutta, declined to be contracted to any recording company and provided her recordings to the various sound recording concerns on a strictly ‘cash’ basis – without any consideration for ‘royalties’ on sales,    […]


Malka Jan Agrawale, Discography, Michael Kinnear

Malka Jan Agrawale
of Agra and Calcutta.
 There is very little precise or factual information about the life of Miss Malka Jan Agrawale of Agra and Calcutta, but is said to be from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh  a state in northern India.  




Banga-Phone Record BANGA-PHONE RECORD – Discography. The Frontier Trading Company, Peshawar.
In 1932, The Gramophone Co., Ltd., in India introduced a scheme known as ‘Private Recorders’ whereby local talking machine and record traders could have discs produced by the company, on their own labels.   […]


Gulshan Record, QD-506GULSHAN – Discography. Bajaj & Co., (Nowshera) Peshawar.
Prior to the partition of India in 1947 and the creation of Pakistan (East and West), Lahore was a major recording centre for the North-west region, with the earliest recordings being taken there in 1905 by The Gramophone & Typewriter, Ltd. […]

Shahenshahi Record - From: "The 78 r.p.m. Record Lables of India",  Page 300

SHAHENSHAHI RECORD. The Talking Picture Record Co. – .History and Discography.
The Talking Picture Record Co. was established at Rangoon, Burma, by H.E. Patel (or Mohammed Salim) during 1933, and was one of the first clients to join the ‘Private recorders’ scheme offered by The Gramophone Co., Ltd.  The first releases of The Talking Picture Record Co. were Burmese recordings on the “Bandoola” label, and Hindustani recordings on the “Shahenshahi Record ” label were made in June 1933. […]

K.L. Saigal

K. L. SAIGAL DISCOGRAPHY.  The recordings of K.L. Saigal have remained popular since the first release of – H27h – in February 1933, and by and large the majority of K.L. Saigal’s recordings have remained on the catalogues of Hindusthan Musical Products (and Varieties Syndicate) Ltd., or The Gramophone Company (of India) Ltd, []


Peara Saheb - A Bio-DiscographyPEARA SAHEB – A Bio-Discography. Peara Saheb, Gazal, Thumri and Dadra Vocal music, a bio-discography. There is very little precise or factual information about the life of Peara Saheb. No documentation has been sited to confirm his date of birth or death, []



Congrès de Musique Arabe du Caire 1932 - DISCOGRAPHYCONGRÈS DE MUSIQUE ARABE DU CAIRE 1932– Discography.  (The Cairo Congress of Arab Music) 28th March to 3rd April 1932. Discography compiled by Michael Kinnear.  A complete numerical catalogue, by matrix serials of the 78 rpm recordings from the Congrès de Musique Arabe []


GRAMOPHONE RECORD, ZONOPHONE, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 1

Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 1. Originally Published January 1991. Revise
d and updated.  Part One – “GRAMOPHONE” and ZONOPHONE Records. Most collectors of Indian recordings issued as 78 rpm discs collect such records for the musical piece that the record contains whether such records are single-side recorded discs or double-sided discs. Apart from the interest in the song[]

NICOLE RECORD - Reading Indian Record Labels - Part 2

NICOLE RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 2. Originally Published April 1991, Revised and updated. Part Two – ‘NICOLE RECORD’.  The ‘NICOLE RECORD’ is amongst the rarest of record labels with an Indian repertoire, and with it’s introduction to the disc record market in India by mid-1905, this – brown, celluloid coated, cardboard disc record – was only the []


BEKA RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels - Part 3

BEKA RECORD,Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 3. Originally Published  3 July 1991, Revised and updated. Part Three – ‘BEKA RECORD’.  The name BEKA – is derived from the surname initial of the founders of the Beka Record G.M.b.H., namely Heinrich Bumb and Max Koenig, who had started in business in Berlin in about 1900 as merchants of Edison []


Beka Record, Beka Grand RecordBEKA RECORD DISCOGRAPHY
By Michael Kinnear- 31 page Discography included in the “Article” 

BEKA RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 3

PDF Document: Beka Record, Beka Grand Record, Discography, Indian Repertoire


ODEON RECORD and ODEON, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 4

ODEON RECORD and ODEON,Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 4.
Originally Published October 1991. Revised and updated. Part Four – ‘ODEON RECORD and ODEON’.  I have written a comprehensive article on the history of the ODEON RECORD and later ODEON labelled discs that were recorded and placed on the market in India between 1908 and 1940, under the title ODEON IN[]

PATHE and PATHEPHONE, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 5

PATHE and PATHEPHONE, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 5.
Originally Published April 1992. Revised and updated.  Part Five – ‘PATHE and PATHEPHONE’.  ‘PATHE’ or ‘PATHEPHONE’ as a disc record label in India is one of the rarest of disc records to feature an Indian repertoire. The first PATHE disc records with an Indian Repertoire were placed on the market in India in []



SUN DISC RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 6SUN DISC RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 6.
Originally Published July 1993. Revised and updated. Part Six – SUN DISC RECORD.  The SUN DISC RECORD was introduced in India in 1909 by F,B, Thanewalla and Co., of 143 Kalbadevi Road, Bombay, and 13 Esplanade East, Calcutta, as an additional product to market in support of the trade in cycles that […]

SINGER RECORD and JAMES OPERA RECORD, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 7

SINGER RECORD and JAMES OPERA RECORDReading Indian Record Labels – Part 7.
Originally Published, October 1994. Revised and updated. Part Seven –  SINGER RECORD and JAMES OPERA RECORD, THE WELLINGTON CYCLE CO. The Wellington Cycle Co., was established in 1901 by Rustomjee Dorabjee Wellington (Anglicized from his Parsi name Rustomjee Dorabjee) assisted by T. Dorabjee and R. Dorabjee. The Wellington Cycle Co., had taken []

RAMAGRAPH, RAM-A-PHONE DISC RECORDS, Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 8

RAMAGRAPH, RAM-A-PHONE DISC RECORDS – Reading Indian Record Labels – Part 8.
Originally Published, October 1995. Revised and updated.  Part  Eight –  RAMAGRAPH.  The History of the RAM-A-PHONE and RAMAGRAPH Disc Records.  Among the very numerous record companies and their labels that have been active over the past several decades of sound recording, a very neglected area of research, apart from the []

BROADCAST IN INDIA, English Manufactured Indian Record LabelsBROADCAST IN INDIA, English Manufactured Indian Record Labels.
Revised and Updated Originally Published October, 1990 in the journal of The HILLANDALE NEWS, the official journal of The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society London, England  []


THE FIRST INDIAN DISC RECORD MANUFACTURERS, Royal Record,Binapani Record, Kamala Record.
Originally Published January 1992. Revised and updated.  A research enquiry concerning the ROYAL RECORD, BINAPANI RECORD, KAMALA RECORD.  This article attempts to piece together the history of the FIRST Indian disc record manufacturers from []

Part One, Part Two.
Part ONE– ENGLISH INDIAN GRAMOPHONE NUMBERS By Frank Andrews and Michael Kinnear, originally Published April 1992
Part TWO – “ENGLISH” RECORDINGS IN THE INDIAN CATALOGUE by Michael Kinnear – Published in ‘The 78 rpm Record Labels of India’ with updated information on the above article ‘English Indian Gramophone Numbers’ […]

By Michael Kinnear, originally Published 2003 in “Sangeet Ratna – The Jewel of Music” Khan Sahib Abdul Karim Khan – A Bio Discography   Rahimat Khan with Vishnupant []





THE RECORD NEWS, (Mumbai) India
[ISSN 0971-7942]
(Journal of the Society of Indian Record Collectors, Mumbai, India)
The Record News Articles in PDF for Download

The Record News, TRN 2001 Annual

The following articles may be downloaded by clicking on the [PDF] link.

W. S. Burke – The First Disc Record Artist of India
* Volume 7  – July 1992    {pages 26 – 30}    TRN – Vol-07

Discography – Bal Gandharva  [vocalist]
* Volume 10 – April 1993    {pages 21 – 53}
    TRN – Vol-10

Discography – Surshree Keserbai Kerkar  [vocalist]
* Volume 11 – July 1993    {pages 23 – 30}   TRN – Vol-11

Discography – Monjuddin Khan  [vocalist]
* Volume 13 – January 1994    {pages 13 – 17}   TRN – Vol-13

Discography – {Miss} Jankibai of Allahabad  [vocalist]
* Volume 14 – April 1994    {pages 4 – 52}   TRN – Vol-14

In the matter of Mohamed Hussain (Naginawale)
* Volume 16 – October 1994    {pages 31 – 41}   TRN – Vol-16

[Article] The Romance of Recording, by William C. Gaisberg
* Volume 17, January 1995    {pages 39 – 44}  TRN – Vol-17

Notes on article – The Romance of Recording  [W. C. Gaisberg]
* Volume 17 – January 1995    {pages 45 – 50}   TRN – Vol-17

Discography – V. B. (alias) Bapurao Pendharkar
* Volume 18 – April 1995    {pages 23 – 36}  TRN – Vol-18

Discography – Ustad Allauddin Khan  [Sarod, Violin]
* Volume 19 – July 1995   {pages 22 – 30}    TRN – Vol-19

Discography – Vilayat Hussain Khan  [Vocalist]
* Volume 19 – July 1995    {pages 42 – 46}   TRN – Vol-19

Bal Gandharva – revisited     [Discography update]
* Volume 20 – October 1995    {pages 46 – 57}    TRN – Vol-20

Discography – Ramkrishnabuwa Vaze  [vocalist]
* Volume 21 – January 1996     {pages 26 – 29}    TRN – Vol-21

Discography – Miss Mehbubjan of Solapur  [vocalist]
* Volume 22 – April 1996     {pages 25 – 32}   TRN – Vol-22

Discography – J. L. Ranade  [vocalist]
* [J.L. Ranade and M. Kinnear]
* Volume 24 – October 1996     {pages 12 – 27}    TRN – Vol-24

Discography – Krishna Chandra Dey (Blind Singer)
[S.K. Chatterjee & M. Kinnear]
Volume 25 – 26 – January/April 1997     {pages 17 – 65}       TRN – Vol-25-26

Discography – Rabindranath Tagore
* [S.K. Chatterjee & M. Kinnear]
* Volume 27 – 28  – July/October 1997     {pages 17- 56}    TRN – Vol-27-28

Discography – G. M. Londhe  [vocalist]
* Volume 29 – 30 – January/April 1998     {pages 17 – 25}   TRN – Vol-29-30

Discography – Ustad Faiyaz Khan  [vocalist]
* Volume 29 –  30 – January /April 1998    {pages 45 – 55}   TRN – Vol-29-30

Discography – Bai Sundarabai of Poona
[ Suresh Chand, Michael Kinnear, Arun Athalye]
* Volume TRN-1999 {Annual} {pages 19 – 49} {17 pages by Michael Kinnear}  TRN-1999

Discography – Bismillah Khan  [Sanai Nawaz]
* Volume TRN-2001    {Annual}       {pages 78 – 85}    TRN-2001

Discography – Moghubai Kurdikar [vocalist]
* Volume TRN-2001    {Annual}      {pages 92 – 93}   TRN-2001

Discography – Ravi Shankar  [sitar]   {78rpm discs}
*Volume TRN-2001    {Annual}      {pages 96 – 108}    TRN-2001

Discography Ali Akbar Khan [sarod]  {78-rpm discs}
* Volume TRN-2001   {Annual}      {pages 109 – 115}   TRN-2001


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